Access to information

You can access the administrative documents produced or received by public bodies as part of their mission of public service subject to the exceptions set out in the legislation in force and that by completing this form or by downloading it in PDF and sending it through the post to the OMMP online: 2060 administrative building the Goulette or fax : 71 735 812 or by sending an email to

Forms :
Legal references :
  • Circular of the President of the Government No° 19 of May 18, 2018 (available in Arabic). PDF
  • Decree-Law No° 2011-41 may 26, 2011, the access to administrative documents of such public bodies as revised and supplemented by Decree-Law n0 ° 2011-54 June 11, 2011 (available in french). PDF
  • Circular of the President of the Government No° 25 of May 5, 2012 (available in Arabic). PDF
  • Bill organic No° 2016-22 of March 24, 2016 on the right of access to information (available in french). PDF
Responsible for access to information:
  • Name: Rochdi Drirdi
  • Tel: 00216.71.735.029
  • Tel : 00216.70.240.065
  • Fax: 00216.71.735.812
  • Email :
Procedures manual of the access to information (PDF in Arabic)