Results of commercial activity in 2016

Tunisian ports: Results of commercial activity in 2016
  • 3% increase in total traffic
  • + 15% for the bulk and 11% for the liquid bulk
  • 10% increase in the number of containers and drop of 6% of the rolling units
  • Stagnation of the passenger traffic and fall cruise

In 2016, commercial traffic increased by 3% in comparison with 2015. Commercial seaports, including Skhira port, registred 29,150 million tons in 2016; after it was 28,184 million tons in 2015.
In addition, the volume of solid bulks increased by 15% as well as liquid bulks by 11%. A slight increase in the hydrocarbons volume to reach only 1% as well as the general cargo by 2 %. However, the volume of grains and its by-products decreased by 2%.
In turn, the traffic of containers increased in 2016 by 10% to reach 489,670 thousand TEU’s with regard to 444,130 TEU’s for the same period, while the containerized tonnage increased by 8% in 2015.
The movement of trailers across Tunisian ports, especially the ports of Rades and La Goulette, decreased by 6% to reach 135,605 thousand units in 2016 compared to 143,553 thousand units in 2015.
There was a slight decrease in passengers traffic by1 % to reach 721,987 thousand passengers in 2016 compared to 728,718 thousand passengers in 2015. Cars traffic decreased by 2% to reach 291,550 thousand cars in 2016 Compared with 297,465 thousand cars in the previous year. With regard to the traffic of new cars, it increased by 4%.
Since the development of the tourist movement is related to the security situation on the scale of the country, it still witnessing a huge reduction of 99% in which 752 tourists were recorded in 2016 compared to 53,780 tourists during the previous year.
The movement of ships also witnessed a slight decrease to reach 5190 ships in 2016, in comparison with 5243 ships in 2015.