“Utique” The major white operation in the port of Bizerte

In order to test the availability and the efficiency of anti-pollution equipment, the speed of intervention, the training in crisis management, the evaluation of the coordination between the actors as well as testing the safety and security plan and identifying the gaps. A white nicknamed operation “Utica” took place on February 28, 2018 at STIR Oil platform in the Port of Bizerte -Menzel Bourguiba. A first of its kind in terms of scenario, preparations, equipment and participants.

The Minister of Transport presided over this operation, organized by the authority of the Merchant Marine and Ports in collaboration with the Tunisian Company of Refining Industries (STIR), and the participation of the Ministries of Transport, Interior, Defense , Finance and Industry with all their interests and in the presence of Tunisian and foreign experts.

The operation is, in effect, to a simulated terrorist attack targeting a ship docked at the oil wharf STIR company, a hostage and a suicide bombing operation explosives causing a fire in the bow and a discharge of pollutants into the sea.

An intervention of the special security forces is simulated for this purpose and actions are carried out under maritime pollution control plan.

All the necessary human and logistical resources have been mobilized for the success of this exercise which will allow to estimate the operational effectiveness of the concerned services and the plans of emergency intervention.

Utique - The major white operation in the port of Bizerte