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Passengers’ services – merchant navy and ports office

Vue aérienne du port de commerce de Goulette

Passengers at the port of Goulette

Goulette port assures the entirety quasi of passengers’ transit through the space that dedicated the treatment of pedestrians’ travelers and vehicles.
So maritime station as the terminals 5, 6, 7 offers the usages of harbors all commodities and comply services with standard norms ISO 9001 and ISPS code of security and safety.

Prepare to your travel
Before your arrival :
1 -Assure that your baggage and objects that you’ve transported were prepared by your care.
2 -Avoid all derangement, be careful from depart and carry only authorized objects. Avoid importing personal effect and objects that have commercials character on number, quantity or value as they submit to the production of an authorized importation delivered by the general direction of exterior commerce falling commercial ministry and the payment in full rights and taxes.
Otherwise, some objects were submitted to special authorizations such as plants, animals, telephones, mobiles, satellite and hunting rifle. The import of tobacco and alcohol were submitted to quantitative limitations.
3 -Fill the list of personal effects destined to be imported. (Download formulation from the custom site, Tunisians’ space in Europe ( )
4 -Keep all documents that justify your stay at Europe.
5 -Take all your documents with you; garages were closed during the crossing.
For further information consult the different site web pages of the general directions of customs (Tunisians’ space in Europe).
During your travel on a broad ship :
    • In order to facilitate the procedures and reduction of time of your transit; customs and police formalities were affected a broad ship on the road towards Tunisia. Take care to pass formalities on broad.
      • Buy the stamp of 30 dinars (stamps are available in euro)
      • Fill the police and custom index cards
      • Request nearby the border police the registration of the stamp of entrance on the Tunisian territory on your passport
      • Request the deliverance of your driving license (diptych) nearby the custom services
      • Request nearby the custom the registration of the stamp of your car entrance on the Tunisian road on your passport
Upon your arrival :
Passer le poste de contrôle police (Accomplissez les formalités) Remettre la fiche police
1 -Pass the police checkpoint (accomplish formalities).Reset the police index card
2 -Declare all imported personal effects nearby the custom agent
3 -Declare the price of imported currency before leaving the harbor; if the price exceeds 10000 DT or if you want to re-exporter the price in currency higher to 5000 DT
4 -In the case of provisionally retained (RP) of your belongings, Keep the original receipt of provisionally detention (RP) of imported objects for the accomplishment of custom procedures or for re-exportation
5 -In the case of taxation pass to the customs box and pay the amount. The local price is available on box of change and automatic distributer
6 -In the case of non accomplishment of formalities on board :

  • Request the deliverance of your driving license (diptych) nearby the custom services
  • Request nearby the custom the registration of the stamp of your car entrance on the Tunisian road on your passport

To the output of the harbor, reset the bleu index card on the custom agent and the police index card on the police agent

To the output of Tunisian territory :
1 -Be present on the harbor before three hours of the board depart time
2 -Accomplish recording procedures and orientate towards access doors on harbor
3 -Follow the information of orientations’ agent. Be careful to intruder !
4 -To access to harbor, Present your boarding card to control agents
5 -Don’t leave your car before the crossing of police and custom checkpoint
6 -For residents in Tunisia, Buy the stamps (60 dinars) nearby the change wickets
7 -Accomplish police formalities and check the affix of stamp of your arrival on your passport
8 -Present to custom services the authorization of the imported traffic vehicle
9 -Check the affix of vehicle re-exportation stamp on your passport by custom services.
10 -Declare all personal effects.
11 -Declare the price of currencies and present the original of written declaration of currencies sight by the office of entry.
Port of Goulette

Port la Goulette

Services et formalités au port
Your baggage: porters’ services
For the transport, unloading and loading of your baggage; SUPS society practicing on la Goulette harbor puts their porters’ agents to your disposition.
Medical blanket :
    • The medical guard was implanted to RDC on maritime station 24h/24h-7d/7d (from 01/06 to 30/09)

Contact :

      • Home: 71.735.940 /green n°: 80.100.228
      • Harbor officer: 71.736.604
      • Maritime station services:71.737.353
      • Civil protection: call n°198
Veterinary control services
The importation of dangerous dogs or attack dogs belonging to the races below is strictly prohibited: Pitbull, Rott weiler, Tosa, Mastiff or Boer bull.
The imported animals and animal products must be accompanied by health documents issued by the official veterinary authorities of the exporting country attesting their good health, their wholesomeness as well as their compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements in force in Tunisia.
The imported animals and animal products must be evenly accompanied by health documents established by vets services Skills ministry of agriculture certifying their compliance with the sanitary requirements of the importing country.
A health inspection office (sanitary control) is implanted in maritime station; animals are submitted to control to check their answers to sanitary requirements.
Veterinary health inspection has:

      • Documentary checks consisting on the verification of certificates or vets documents accompanied animals and animals’ products .
      • Identities check consisting on the visual verification of concordance between certificates or documents, animals and animals products as well as stamps and brands that must be included .
      • Physical check consisting on the control of animals and animals products themselves and which may contain a collection of sample and a Laboratory examination .
Phytosanitary control services
Importing palm, palm tree branch and their derivatives. Henna is absolutely forbidden.
Otherwise; some plants were submitted by special authorizations delivered by the services of Agricultural and hydraulic resources of ministry.
The phytosanitary control office was implanted on maritime station. Plants were submitted to control in order to check their answers to vigorous requirements.
Telephone : 71.788.979-71469.324 E-mail:
Security measures
    • Before surrender to harbor, assure that the baggage and objects that you transport were prepared by your care.
    • Coming to harbor, don’t accept any third item whatever is the pattern.
    • Never let your baggage without surveillance; they will be considered as suspects.
    • Accomplish the recording procedures by yourself. Don’t be confident to intruder.
    • Don’t park your car in the corridor.
    • The pre control areas are under surveillance with the camera .contact police services in request case.
    • To access travelers’ rooms you must pass the security check post during the passage and to comply with the directive agent of safety.
    • In the case of alarm triggering during your passage under the gantry, palpation will be systematically affected.
    • Random control can be affected by security officers in accordance with the national regulations. Also a depth excavation of your baggage and palpation can be affected even though in the absence of alarm triggering.
    • Don’t abandon your car in the corridor of maritime station; record it nearby the STAM (Tunisian society of Aconite and Handling) responsible for caretaking during your stay at the harbor.
    • After the seizure regulation of your car, pay the parking charges nearby the services of maritime merchant and harbors’ office, and the caretaking charges nearby the STAM services.
    • Be careful to the risk of falling in the water, and don’t let your children drag on the dock during the boarding operations.
    • Don’t exceed the limit speed of circulation in the interior of the harbor to know 30km/h.
Maritime station
Boarding area :
Home : Tél : 71.735940 / n° green : 80.100.228
Cheek in wickets :
      • CTN agency :
        • Pedestrians’ passengers: tel: 29.360.812/71.737.550
        • Passengers with vehicle:tel:71.736.046/048
      • Alessandro agency(GNV) :
        • Pedestrians’ passengers:tel:29.360.812/71.737.550
        • Passengers with vehicle: tel: 71.737.988
      • Tunisia’s Grimaldi agency /
        • Pedestrians’ passengers:tel:28.300.286
        • Passengers with vehicle: tel: 71.735.100
Exchange services :
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