Office of Merchant Marine and Ports

The Office of the Merchant Marine and Ports “OMMP” (former Office of National Tunisian Ports “OPNT – Office des Ports Nationaux Tunisiens” and former State Department of Commercial Ports coming under the Ministry of Public Works) ) was created by virtue of the law n° 65-2 dated February 12th, 1965, modified by the law dated February 15th, 1972.
Law n° 98/109 dated December 28th, 1998 ordered the OMMP to exercise the attributions confided to the maritime authority and administration as well as the tasks of port authority in accordance with the laws in force.
The activity fields of the OMMP port chain are characterized by the diversity of maritime traffic, whether line or tramping traffic, handling containers, RO/RO, passengers, cruise passengers. Thus, the OMMP manages and runs its rich and varied installations in compliance with the norms of productivity and safety: oil ports, container terminals, a passenger terminal, ore terminals, specialized installations … twenty-four hours a day and 7days/7. Read More


9 MOIS 2022

Port Development Strategy

In order to allow the ports to fully contribute to economic development, to promote commercial exchange and to optimally serve the users of each port, the OMMP initiated a vast program of port development and reform complying with the policy of freeing the maritime sector, with the ever growing competition and with the disengagement of the port authority from competitive activities. (more…)

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Safety, security and environment


The credibility and reliability of a port system. Via the implementation of the ISPS Code , which imposed the implementation of all maritime and port stakeholders in security measures to prevent any attempted of malicious acts against the transport chain , commercial vessels that provide more than 95 % of trade , people and ports.


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