Relations with citizen

Guidance, information and Assistance

As part of administrative reform, and by Decree No. 93-1549 on 26 July 1993, it was created from the offices of the relations with the citizen within the different ministries and governorates and a central office of the relations with the citizen to the Prime Ministry.
These structures have replaced the social action and public relations and administrative intelligence cells created in February 1989 and March 1993 successively in the departments.

Subsequently, it was created the office of the relations with the citizen in some public institutions and enterprises. This office was created to the OMMP as of June 25, 2007.
The establishment of these offices is part of a reform movement of the Tunisian administration for essentially the reinforcement of human rights in Tunisia.

1- Objectives :

  • Help the citizen and the partners of the OMMP overcome the difficulties it might encounter in its relationship with the services of ports and facilitate obtaining administrative services under the legislation and regulations in force.

2- Powers :

    This office of the relations with the citizen is responsible for:

  • Welcome citizens, receive their requests and working of the services concerned, instructing these requests with a view to finding appropriate solutions meet the citizen directly or by correspondence to inform citizens on the procedures and administrative formalities regarding the various benefits and, directly, by correspondence (by post or electronically) or by phone using the simplified lines located in the offices of the relations with the citizen of the different ministries and whose list is regularly published in newspapers.
  • Centralize and study records from the administrative mediator in coordination with the various services of the Ministry in order to find the adequate solutions to these issues.
    Develop progress reports every six months.
  • Identify through a thorough analysis queries the burdens citizens and complications at the level of administrative procedures and propose reforms likely to overcome them.
Citizens Relations Office Activity Report :
  • Activities for the first half of 2016 : Click here
  • Activities for the second half of 2016 : Click here

  • ADDRESS : Department of citizen relations and archives
    Administrative building annex 1
    2060 the Goulette – Tunisia
    Mail :
    Toll-free : 80 103 436
    Fax : 71 735 812

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