In tune with international standards

Over the past fifteen years, the OMMP has registered its various development programs in the context of its overall strategy of upgrading, initiated since 1996 and which focused on a set of actions, projects, investments, organization… with the objective to consolidate and confirm its double role as an authority port and Maritime and as an operator economics of the maritime transport sector, to be world-class in terms of competitiveness, sustainable development and positioning on the international market.

Also, the impacts of globalization and the globalization of trade, have prompted the OMMP to adopt a managerial vision focused on the permanent quest for improvements and the full satisfaction of all of its clients: shipowners, shipping agents, stevedores, marine, the staff of the office,… and the Tunisian State, whose strategic interests must be preserved.

The vision of the OMMP is inspired by these guidelines spent as main values:

  • Strict compliance with the rules applicable to the port sector
  • The implementation of tools and management around systems of international standards of quality, safety and the environment
  • The involvement of staff and the continuous improvement of its skills.

These values have been the principal axes of the development of the management tool of the OMMP upgraded all of its structures.
That is how the OMMP has proceeded to the establishment of a Management system of the quality of its activities port and shipping since the year 2000, to get ISO 9001 certification for its different sites as follows:

  • Port of la Goulette in 2007 for nautical activities and then for all its activities in 2010
  • Direction of seafarers in 2008
  • Port of Bizerte-Menzel Bourguiba in 2009
  • The Maritime Region of Tunis in 2009
  • Port of Sfax Sidi-Youssef in 2009
  • Port of Gabes in 2010
  • The Maritime Region of Bizerte in 2010
  • The Maritime Region of Sfax in 2012

In accordance with its master plan quality, the OMMP will generalize the quality Management system and certification of the other ports: Rades, Sousse and Zarzis, as well as maritime of Sousse Monastir, Gabes and Jerba regions.