Maritime Authority



In accordance with law No. 109 of 1998, published on 28 December 1998, administration and the maritime authority have been delegated to the Office of the Merchant Marine and Ports, therefore, the latter holds two authorities: the Maritime Authority and the port authority.
On the Maritime Authority, it is supervised by a responsible Central Director of the follow-up activities of the Merchant Marine and ensure harmonization of tasks, the unification of the methods and work procedures, and implementation of the notion of complementarity between them.


The maritime authority at the central level structures, are as follows :

  • Management of seafarers
  • Management of the fleet and the Maritime Navigation
  • The unit of management by objective responsible for maritime regulatory intelligence

The structures of the maritime authority at the regional level, are as follows :

7 Maritime Regions 3 Maritimes neighborhoods 19 sub-neighborhoods Maritimes
The Maritime Region of Bizerte
The Maritime Region of Tunis
The Maritime Region of Sousse
The Maritime Region of Monastir
The Maritime Region of Sfax
The Maritime Region of Gabes
The Region Maritime Djerba
Quartier Maritime of Tabarka, under the supervision of the Maritime Region of Bizerte

Quartier Maritime of Kelibia , under the supervision of the Maritime Region in Tunis

Quartier maritime of Mahdia, under the supervision of the Maritime to the Monastir Region

Ghar El Melh, Beni Khiar, Hammamet,
Sidi Bou Said, Radès,
Kantaoui, La Chebba,
Complex maritime of Monastir,
, Sayada, Teboulba, Ellouza,
Kerkennah, El Mahres, Sekhira, Zarat,
Zarat, Ghannouch, Zarzis,
Ghannouch, Zarzis, Ajim et Ketaf.

It is to noted that each Maritime Region has a Regional Service to Maritime safety.