A coordination meeting to assess the progress of YEP MED project


As part of monitoring the European YEPMED project implementation, a coordination meeting was held on March 1, 2022 at the headquarters of the Merchant Marine and Ports Authority of Tunisia , in the presence of Mr Foued Othman,  CEO of Merchant Marine and Ports Authority “OMMP”, Mr Édouard Rodes, Director of the Escola Europea Intermodal Transport, Mrs Concha Palacios, Finance and Projects Manager – Escola Europea Intermodal Transport, Mr Youssef Ben Romdhan, General Director of Maritime Transport and Commercial Sea Ports – Ministry of Transport, Mr Imed ZAMMIT, CEO of the Tunisian Shipping Company “CTN”, Mr Wissem Mahjoub , General Director of the Mediterranean Institute for Training in Maritime Professions “IMFMM” as well as several executives of the OMMP.

The purpose of the meeting is to assess the progress of the project and to clarify certain points in order to achieve the desired objectives

The aim of the YEP MED project is to better adapt the skills needs of the labor market and the dual offers of vocational and technical education and training in the sector of Mediterranean port communities to contribute to job creation and facilitate economic productive growth.