The first forum for the promotion of cruise tourism at the port of Sfax

In coordination with the Office of Merchant Marine and Ports, The Association Sfax International, the Tunisian Federation of Travel and Tourism Agencies and the Deposits and Consignment Fund, the first cruise tourism developement forum at the port of Sfax was organized on October 11, 2022 under the title “Sfax New Cruise Destination” under the auspices of the Ministers of Transport and Tourism as well as the Governor of Sfax.  this initiative, in which a large number of economic actors from the Sfax region participated, is part of the diversification and promotion of the Tunisian destination on the one hand, and the continuation of the results from the successful participation of the OMMP in the SEATRADE MED fair held in September 2022 in Malaga (Spain), and aimed at further developing cruise tourism in inland ports, including the port of Sfax for its technical specificities and infrastructure meet this type of activity. Through its participation in the organization of this promotional day. The OMMP is trying to reactivate cruise tourism and develop it in inland seaports that are able to accommodate cruise ships, for economic efficiency by taking into account the environmental aspect, creating a reconciliation between the port and the city, and for and the digitalization of port services.