Activating the bilateral agreement in the field of ports and looking at ways to develop activity

The meeting of the joint Tunisian-Jordanian technical committee in the field of ports:
Within the framework of activating the bilateral agreement in the field of ports, on April 8, 2021, a meeting of the joint Jordanian-Tunisian technical committee in the field of ports through visual communication technology was held to discuss a number of important axes, including those related to safety in ports, electronic behavior in ports, development of concepts and systems of work in them, regulation and port exploitation and Exchange of experiences, holding training courses, information exchange, crisis management, port information systems, and preparation of environmental management plans

The meeting was followed by Mr. Mahmoud Al-Bouziri, President General Ditector of the Merchant Marine and Ports Office ( OMMP),Mr. Youssef ben Romdhan, General Director of Maritime Transport and Commercial Sea Ports at the Tunisian Ministry of Transport and Logistics, and a group of officials of the OMMP or for the Jordanian side, he was represented by Mr. Mohamed Al-Sakran, Executive Director of Transport And logistics in the port of Aqaba, Mr. Ahmed Al-Fawaz, director of development and training at the Aqaba Company for the Management and Operation of Ports, and the legal director of the company.

On this occasion, it was agreed to continue the meetings, to support cooperation between the OMMP and the port of Aqaba and to follow up on the recommendations issued by this meeting to study the proposed topics in this regard and come up with results that are applicable on the ground.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 2021.